Are You Still Using Pencil and Paper to Draw Out Your Bathroom Interior Design?

Are You Still Using Pencil and Paper to Draw Out Your Bathroom Interior Design?

If you are planning on starting a bathroom interior design project either ripping it out and building it up from scratch or merely remodeling the one you already have, you could give yourself some ideas scouring the Internet for expert design plans that professionals put up for free. It could save you having to spend fees on hiring an architect. Let’s look at some great destinations on the Internet that you could head to pick up those free bathroom interior design plans.

Kohler is a household name in designer bathroom hardware. They feature plenty of tools on their website to help you think of the right design plans for your space. They have several bathroom interior design plan choices for you to look through. And you can mix and match design elements among them. They have plenty of information online to help you think of the right ideas too. If this isn’t enough, they have a virtual bathroom tool that allows you to create a virtual bathroom environment in 3-D and really get a feel for your bathroom as you are planning it. As great as the resources on Kohler’s website are, you don’t have to limit yourself to this website. There are other commercial bathroom product websites that have great information too. Consider WarmlyYours; this is a company that makes heated floors and towel rails for bathrooms. They have a great project planner section on their website where they let you work out your project with their online resources.

If you’re looking to really start your bathroom interior design from scratch, EHouseplans has thousands of extremely detailed plans and blueprints for you to look through. At the very least, it will give you some great ideas of how to go about your project. As useful as these resources can be, no two spaces are the same, and no free plan available on the Internet can really fit your space really well. You need to use your imagination a little bit to mix and match what you find on different plans.

This isn’t all you have recourse to of course. In a world where there are apps for everything, getting home-improvement software to help with your bathroom design can be a great idea. It’ll help you lay out your bathroom using computer-aided design that simple enough for anyone to use. Packages like Plan 3-D can be particularly great.

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